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Hi, I’m Odessa Christiana!

May I give you a hand up onto the stage called LIFE? Let’s rock it, shall we?

You’ve got one life to live here baby! Are you currently living with all the happiness and prosperity you desire? If not, we can fix that. It’s easier than you may think but it will take some commitment on your part. Do you believe it’s worth it? I sure do! It’s time to get freaking passionate about what you want. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and go after your dreams. I have done it many times and each transformation equals more success.

Are you lacking the confidence to do what you REALLY want?
To be your true self? To take action on living the life of your dreams?

Try this.

Let the fear of NOT doing, overcome the fear of DOING, and turn to COURAGE! Access your inner courage with my FREE training video now!

Special Edition Love Letter

Have you ever written a love letter to yourself?
It’s a special kind of magic everyone should experience!
I collaborated with Intuitive Design Artist, Moriah Rochelle, to bring you a gorgeous “Love Letter To Self” template.
It’s infused with love, compassion, and all the prompts you need to bring forth your self-love.

Limited Time Offer – Only $3

Odessa is a wonderful ray of light in the confusing times that we are experiencing. I ALWAYS look forward to seeing her bright and smiling face alongside her beautiful and inspiring videos, photos, books, content…that she so magically produces. She has had such a profound influence on me, and I am truly grateful to be able to engage with all of her positivity and light that she brings to everything that she does! Odessa is truly a blessing in my life!

Nancy Booth
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No Vacancy

Do you dream of being a savvy Airbnb host — one whose profits pay the mortgage and then some??

NO VACANCY is your roadmap for setting up and running a successful vacation rental, no matter your background, knowledge of the real estate market or if you are already a host who’s struggling to gain bookings.


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