Baby Steps to Your Dreams

February 02, 2021

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Do you frequently put off tasks or ideas that feel insurmountable?

You have this thing that you want done so badly yet it feels like a huge weight on your shoulders when you think of it.

I have been caught up in that feeling for years…about many things…even the fun things!

I’m a big dreamer with a lot of interests which equals having a ridiculous amount of creations I desire to bring into fruition. I’ve recently done a deep dive into myself to figure out what the hell has held me back.

Am I afraid of success- No!

Am I concerned what others think of me-Oh HELL NO! I got over that when I really realized that these people will never support my dreams, pay my bills or buy me the luxuries that bring me great pleasure! I recommend making a note of that to yourself my friend!
Am I worried once I finish these things, I’ll have nothing left to do – haha NO not even close – I’ve never been bored a day in my life!

What I did find was simply this…

The tasks seem too big to finish in a timely manner.
Beyond something I can see finishing in a day or even a week, which bothered me because I am impatient. I want things done NOW! (read my magic of now blog post here)

I finally found the solution that is probably Captain Obvious to most but something I wasn’t yet skilled at implementing…

Baby steps.

Consistent daily action will deliver success.

Have you ever heard the old saying that you eat an elephant one bite at a time?
Well I wouldn’t ever eat an elephant but you get the meaning. Little bits add up to big pieces which eventually add up to a completed job. OMG!! What a concept right??

Now before you laugh too much at me, get real with yourself and think about the things you’ve been putting off and get serious about your why?
I’ve heard so many people say they’d love to write a book for example and then they haul off and…NEVER DO IT. Hmmmm why is that?? I believe it’s a component in their head that completely scares and overwhelms them..it seems like it’s too much…too hard…they don’t know how etc…

Well I will tell you in the past year, I have done things I did not know how to do. I buckled down and made the DECISION to learn on my journey of DOING!! And boy did I learn a lot!!

So the first of your baby steps to a dream is merely a decision.

It is simple, if you make it so.

Decide you will stop the ridiculous procrastination and freaking commit to yourself!!
That is actually a HUGE first step!!

I recommend writing this down. Write it in your journal and stick a post-it on your bathroom mirror.

“I commit to taking daily steps to my dream!”

Don’t let that scare you.
It’s incredible what you can actually accomplish in small bits of time. (back to the elephant reference right??)

Let’s do some math. I love this game! It helps me visualize what I am so capable of creating.

5 minutes/day = 150 minutes/month = 2.5 hours/month = 30 hours/year
30 minutes/day = 900 minutes/month or 15 hours/month = 180 hours/year
60 minutes/day = 1800 minutes/month or 30 hours/month = 360 hours/year

Those short periods of time add up to a lot don’t they?

So instead of constantly overwhelming ourselves by looking at the big picture, how about we commit to a process of consistent daily actions? I’ll do it with you. I’m doing it right now, in fact as I write this to you.

If you’re at all like me, you may want to work on more than one project. My hubby laughs at me over our dinner conversations when I sometimes tell him about the 15 projects I’m currently at work on. He used to say, why don’t you just focus on one at a time then keep moving on as you complete them??? Hahahaha!! Noooooope! Not this lady!! I am wayyy too inspired to limit my creativity like that. That’s why I can easily fall into the overwhelm hole but if I stop, breathe and practice what I’m preaching here, I can actually put in some nibbles on multiple ideas daily and at the end of the month, week or year, wind up with a ton of magnificent completions!

That is exactly how I have started my blog and my mindset coaching business, written my first book, No Vacancy, built my online courses including High Vibe Host, created a world famous photo shoot/rental property, Atomic Lair, produced a massive online art gallery, OC Gallery, managed to keep myself healthy, wealthy, fit and in a happy marriage at 50 years young!!

Whether it’s organizing your home, writing a book, starting a business, doing a home study course, learning a new language, a fitness routine or whatever you desire to accomplish, I highly recommend just digging in.

You can either overthink yourself right out of that 5-60 minutes of daily creation or you can actually take action.

Another tip I’ve learned is to tap into your key energy hours. What time of day or night are you the most focused and capable of maximizing your time?
For me it’s usually from the time I wake to early afternoon. That’s when I do my soul work (my journaling and planning) run my businesses, talk to clients, write etc..after that is when I will go walking, communicate with family and friends, enjoy a glass of wine and dinner with my sweetie etc. I do my best work when I pay attention to my needs. Hint: I also do better for my loved ones when I pay attention to my needs.

Now I know, you may be stuck in a job you don’t love right now. I was there for wayyy too many years and I know how soul sucking it is. It may be a challenge to work on your desires during your key energy times as you are currently selling your energy to someone else. Don’t fret. If your passion is strong enough to change your situation, you’ll summon up some extra energy to put in the daily nibbles. Reread that last sentence…like 100 times or until you do it.

One final thought to leave you revved up and ready to rock…
You my friend, have the same number of hours in a day as Oprah, Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, J. K. Rowling and me!!

Let’s get busy busting through our blocks and creating all that we desire in our precious lives!

I’m here cheering you on!


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