No Vacancy

Do you dream of being a savvy AirBNB host — One whose profits pay the mortgage & then some?

NO VACANCY is your roadmap for setting up and running a successful vacation rental, no matter your background, knowledge of the real estate market or if you are already a host who’s struggling to gain bookings.

Are you afraid you lack the skills to make it a reality?

Odessa Christiana used to feel that way too, until she mastered the art of running a vacation rental property — making more money than her full-time job salary!

In NO VACANCY, Odessa breaks down every detail in a simple fashion that’s easy to digest and put to work. She guides you through everything from:

Building a solid venture while keeping your sanity

Choosing a property or working with what you have

Creating a memorable guest experience that results in stellar reviews

Piece of cake set up, decor and maintenance

Defining your management strategy

Brilliant listing and marketing hacks even a novice can handle

Straight forward.

Real examples.

Odessa gives you real life examples of several people (just like you) who have found massive success in their rental ventures.

Odessa’s straightforward, clever and often humorous guide to killing it in the vacation rental biz will have you laughing your way to the bank in no time!

About the Author

Odessa Christiana is a leading expert in the vacation rental business. Her journey in this field began in 2014 when her partner revealed some issues he was having with a property management company. Odessa jumped in and diligently learned the ropes of managing their own property. She quickly surpassed the income earned from her full-time job by simply renting their guest suite on Airbnb. She has since consulted many clients and friends on the set-up and management of a successful vacation rental property. She’s fondly referred to as the Vacation Rental Queen.

Take a look at the property that started it all!

“We believe that creating a theme – an intriguing, inspirational space – is the magic ingredient in our story.”

– Odessa Christiana

Transforming your property.

The key to keeping your short term rental property booked is turning your property into a once in a lifetime experience for your guests. In NO VACANCY, Odessa gives you her formula for transforming your property and giving it the wow factor that will keep your property full and profitable.

Say goodbye to vacancies!

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