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How to kill it in the vacation rental biz

My roadmap to vacation rental success.

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Have you ever…

Dreamed of running your own AirBNB but have zero clue how?

Been afraid running a vacation rental would be too hard?

Been freaked out at the thought of strangers being in your home?

Thought you need to be a professional business person to do this?

Wanted more money to pay your bills?

Wondered what it would feel like to live in a nicer home while your mortgage gets paid?

Known it’s possible to indulge in world travel while having a guest stay at your home?

Been aware that some people replace their full-time jobs by having vacation rentals?

Are you ready to let go of your fears and learn from someone who can easily guide you to vacation rental success?

I believe you were led to me for a reason.

Hi, I’m Odessa Christiana!

If you’d have told me just a few years ago that I could pay my mortgage and replace my full-time job income by renting out an extra room, I would have laughed at you!

And then those exact things happened!

It was 2014 and my boyfriend (now hubby) kept complaining about the property management company that he had hired to handle a property. I honestly knew nothing about the vacation rental biz at the time, nor did I care but I was tired of listening to his woes and I thought maybe I could help.

I dove in and through lots of aggravation, hair-pulling and cuss words, figured out what works and doesn’t work in this business.
(Believe me, I’ve done the hard work for you!)

I can help you turn your home into an ATM, if you’re willing to put my practical knowledge to work. Let me tell you, it’s pretty damn cool to literally have bookings come in while you’re asleep!

I typically make $3,000-$4,000 per month renting out a one room guest suite.

The Atomic Lair

The property that started it all.

Would this extra cash change your life at all? What would you spend it on??

I have clients who make a heck of a lot more than this too! Once you have initially set up your business, things can run on autopilot with very little work done by you.

“I’ve stayed at lots of vacation rentals. Odessa knows how to do it right. The entire experience of staying at the Atomic Lair was incredible. I’ve been very involved in the hospitality industry, and if you’re trying to learn the right way to do things, learn from Odessa. She’ll make running your business a piece of cake.”

– Food Network’s Chef Duff Goldman

The Roadmap to Vacation Rental Success

Module 1

How to build a solid venture while keeping your sanity. I promise it can be done!

2 Huge tips that can make or break you

How to make it work at any location

Defining your management strategy

When to hire a property manager

Stress-free property maintenance

Checklists for interviewing your service pros

Module 2

Dress for success! Creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, no matter your budget!

How to crush your competition

What to never ever do

Design a property that guests can't resist

Why a clever name is important

How to furnish on a budget

Laundry/linen 101 - how to make it simple

Why your choice of art matters

How attention to detail creates free advertising

Module 3

Genius Marketing & Promo! Let’s load your booking calendar!

Why great photos are vital & how to take them

How to set up & create a shot list

What's a money shot?

Pricing - how to find your magic number

How to list your property

Choosing your platform - Airbnb vs. the others

Do you need a website?

Make social media your bestie

Developing a local network

Module 4

It’s all about the guests! You’ve got their attention – now what?

How to handle every inquiry & capture the booking

When to decline a booking

Establishing house rules that guests will follow

Dealing with problem guests & guest problems

Check ins - self check vs. in-person

Crafting a perfect house guide

Why leave your guest a gift?

How to ensure a stellar review


You’ll also receive some great bonuses including the Lights! Camera! Cash! bonus video and a grame-worthy Award of Achievement! Even more exciting, your VR may qualify to be listed as one of my featured properties!

Before you go getting yourself all overwhelmed by this, remember there was a time you didn’t know how to tie your shoes! Don’t listen to anyone telling you that running a vacation rental is hard or you can’t make money at it! I’m calling bullshit on that.

I’m living proof anyone can do it AND it can be easy and fun!!

“Odessa is the QUEEN of short term rentals! She offers all the guidance and experience you’ll ever need in the vacation rental world.”

– Desert Lifestyle Realtor & Owner/Host of the “Guest House”

Odessa Christiana

is a leading expert in the vacation rental industry. Her journey in the field began in 2014 when her partner revealed some issues he was having with a property management company. Odessa jumped in and diligently learned the ropes of running a vacation rental. In 2016, she launched Mod Maids, a professional housecleaning company in Palm Springs, California. She quickly learned hands-on the type of care and maintenance required in a vacation home.

Odessa’s unparalleled knowledge in this industry comes from literally working day to day with property managers, service professionals, and clients who were in desperate need of advice for setting up their properties.

In the past four years, she has consulted many clients and friends on the set-up and operation of a successful rental property. She’s fondly referred to as the Vacation Rental Queen.

The Details

4 Pre-Recorded Video Modules

Odessa recorded all of the modules at her popular rental property – the Atomic Lair! Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine and prepare yourself for a fun learning process. Odessa weaves humor and wisdom with true stories from her experiences. She’ll seriously have you laughing.

Workbook/Homework & Resources

You’ll also receive Odessa’s notes, checklists, tips and links for each module. An easy way to follow along and digest your newfound knowledge.

BONUS! Lights! Camera! Cash! Access

I’m so excited to share this!! Operating a vacation rental is only one way to make money from your property!! I do other things and I’m going to tell you what and teach you how!! PS I just booked a $10,000 photo shoot this week!

BONUS! High Vibe Host Exclusive Group Access

Gain instant access to my private Facebook group for ongoing support. The private Facebook group is an ideal place for receiving feedback and sharing stories.

BONUS! Award of Achievement & Featured Property Opportunity

Additionally, upon completion of my course, you’ll submit a few questions and receive a frame worthy Award of Achievement! Even more exciting, your VR may qualify to be listed as one of my featured properties!


How it works

After payment, you’ll create a unique username and password to access your course. You will receive immediate access to all of the modules, worksheets, and bonuses!

Take the lessons at your own pace. You can dig in and binge watch everything or break it out into days or weeks. The choice is yours.

All of the content will remain available to you. You may replay the videos as often as you like.

You will also be able to utilize the private Facebook Group for support, questions and by all means, to share your success!

Let’s do this.

The value of this course far exceeds the price! Don’t be surprised if you make your investment back with a weekend or even a one night rental!!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to start right away?

Not at all. Start whenever you are ready to rock this thing! You will have lifetime access to the training.

Do I need a background in business or real estate?

Absolutely not! All you need is the ability to learn and the determination to succeed. And a space to rent, of course!

What if vacation rentals aren’t allowed in my area?

I highly suggest you do your homework before deciding to set up a VR. It’s true that some areas have either banned or limited rentals. Make sure you are in the clear first!

Do you guarantee results?

While I cannot guarantee anyone’s specific results, I deeply believe in the value of the
information I share with you. I believe if you put the training to action, you will create success.

Do you offer refunds?

No, but here’s the scoop – I suggest you watch a couple of my videos on social media to get a feel for my vibe. This is me. This is the energy I put into your training videos. Please don’t purchase this course unless you truly want to make money in the vacation rental biz. I have dialed in my years of experience into a concise and powerful course. I know this stuff works!

I’m still unsure about some things.

I totally understand! Investing in yourself and your future is a big decision. Email your questions to  hello@odessachristiana.com. We want your success as much as you do!


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