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November 28, 2020

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Today I got ultra honest with myself. I asked why do I do this thing I do every day? Why have I posted some sort of inspirational message or shared a personal bit of my life every single day on Facebook for the past 471 days? Why do I spend a couple hours posting and connecting with people in my groups daily? Why do I insist upon doing these things first and foremost daily above and beyond just about anything else? Why is this so incredibly important to me?

Because….I am in search of HER.

I am obsessed with finding the woman that desperately needs me. Needs my words, my message, my heart, my skills, my hand to help her back to herself. Back to who she was once upon a time before the world dimmed her light and made her forget who she was always meant to be.

And then it dawned on me…this HER was ME.

She has always had a passion burning deep inside. She was a curious, imaginative child with incredible dreams. She wanted to be a famous artist, a singer, dancer, designer, writer, actress. She was a wildly creative achiever….but then she got stuck..in a job, in a crappy relationship, in a series of them. Somehow she became a slave to the grind and stopped talking about her big dreams for fear of being laughed at. She spent little time creating her art and put others’ needs before her own. She began to believe it was selfish to have time to herself. She was led to believe she should focus on more “practical” things as she could never make enough money to support herself as an artist. She resigned herself to living a “normal” life….but there was always this tiny glimmer of hope.

I have become that HOPE. That light. That help. That inspiration.

I am here today to tell HER that she is soooo worthy and capable of living the life of her dreams.

If she thought she needed a permission slip to take her life back, I AM that permission!!

I am screaming from the mountaintops – you have got this soul sister!!!
You are entitled to every single magnificent thing available in this one lifetime of yours.

You no longer need to feel unfulfilled, not supported or believed in.
I am aware of your magic.
I know it’s in you and I’m here to make sure you realize your value.

You are a gem. You are famous. You are known, respected and adored by many. You are powerful. You are an inspiration to others. You are making a difference in many lives by being true to you.

Make your art. Be yourself. Do what makes your heart sing.

You hold the ability to receive everything you desire my love. I know this.

I feel you, I know your desires, I am you.

With love,

Odessa Christiana

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Odessa Christiana - Author of No Vacancy

Hi! I’m Odessa Christiana!

I see you there dreaming of a better life, one where you get to do exactly as you wish every single day! Where health, wealth and happiness come easily to you.

Not long ago, I was there…wishing and wanting. Then I was reminded of my superpower – my imagination. I made a decision to trust and believe in myself. I haven’t looked back since.  Today I’m a mindstylist extraordinaire and the vacation rental queen!

I’m looking to guide those of you who are willing to trash your excuses and take the driver’s seat of your life!

I believe life is a playground filled with wondrous delights we should all enjoy. Let’s get rich, healthy and happy together! Let’s make it the “new normal”! I’d love to have you in my community of magic makers! 

Whether you’re already a rockstar business owner or you’re wanting to pursue your passion, my private FB group The Imaginarium for Dreampreneurs is an incubator for imagination and a network of support to share dreams, ideas and wins!

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