Lights! Camera! Cash!

How to make your property a star!

Learn how to GET PAID for your pad with this simple and fun crash course!

What if your property could pay its rent or mortgage with a one-day photoshoot?

How would that feel? Would that relieve some stress from your life? What could you do with the extra money? Vacation? Luxury item? Savings? New car?

Yes, please!

Hi, I’m Odessa Christiana!

I’m a mind stylist, a vacation rental expert and an imagination advocate. I have a knack for making life fun & easy while making money! Why not right?

A few years ago I discovered that there are loads of brands and companies looking for interesting properties to host photo shoots, film and commercials.

I found out this is an extremely lucrative business!

I’m excited to teach you how to cash in on this little known opportunity to turn your property into a goldmine!

In my training you will learn:

What kind of properties these companies are searching for

How to get yours noticed (and photographed)

Everything you need to do to get started

How to protect yourself and your property

Links to tons of useful sites

How and where to list your space

Ways to maximize pricing

What to do on shoot day

And loads more tips and ideas that I use to generate $3,000 to $5,000 per day for my location!

You’ll receive a prerecorded video of me teaching you from my (now world famous) property.

I’ve also created a workbook loaded with resources and everything you need to know to succeed in this business. 

I’m currently offering this all for a crazy low price of $55.
Grab it quick before I change my mind!


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I'm ready to access my inner courage!

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