Meet Odessa.

Odessa Christiana is a serial entrepreneur obsessed with creating more happiness on our planet. She is an author, mind coach, artist, designer and imagination advocate.

Her entrepreneurial journey started as a small child, peddling her carefully drawn pictures of princesses and unicorns to anyone with a pulse.

Raised in a home of little resource, Odessa took on odd jobs delivering newspapers and babysitting to raise a bit of spending money during her teens. By nineteen she desperately wanted to live on her own, so she took a job as a grocery store clerk to support herself. Surrounded by non-dreamers daily, she became a slave to the grind for many years until realizing she held the power to change her future. Putting herself through art school while holding a full-time job developed an unbreakable determination in this young woman. Her imagination was rekindled, and big dreams became her driving force.

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Odessa has since reinvented herself multiple times from working retail to becoming a fashion designer, to charitable work, real estate and today owning multiple ventures. She attributes her transformation and success to adopting a positive mindset and a powerful will. Her deepest passion is in helping others to see their potential, follow their dreams and create a life they love. Her current offerings are an infusion of practical and spiritual products to transform you into a realm of conscious reality where anything is possible, and you are operating at your highest level.

No Vacancy

Do you dream of being a savvy Airbnb host — one whose profits pay the mortgage and then some?

NO VACANCY is your roadmap for setting up and running a successful vacation rental, no matter your background, knowledge of the real estate market or if you are already a host who’s struggling to gain bookings.


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