Welcome to Practical Magic

A 21 day transformational journaling experience  

Have you felt curious about journaling but you’re unsure where to start?

Not sure if you have the time or if it’s even worth it? 

Let me ask you a few more questions and please be honest with yourself here…

Do you feel like there is something you're missing out on?

Are you sick and tired of feeling like life is passing you by?

Are you worn out from playing by other’s rules?

Do you wish you had the courage to just be who you want to be in life?

What if you had a place to just BE?

To conduct life on your terms free from judgement, comparison and any constraints.

A place where your voice was always heard and your soul felt nourished.

A place where your wildest dreams become your reality.

What could you accomplish within a space to be yourself?

A space to be surrounded by any and all things that caress your senses and bring you to a deeper, more connected relationship with yourself…

…the HIGHEST VERSION of you.


A 21 day transformational journaling experience

I know it may sound crazy to think merely writing in a journal can magically fix those challenges for you but I’ll tell you, it has changed my life!

I’ve learned to quiet my mind and work through my worries by putting my pen to paper. I used to look for answers everywhere. Dear Google, what am I doing with my life? Seriously though, why do we waste so much time searching outside ourselves? Remember the end of the Wizard of OZ? The famous conversation where Glinda tells Dorothy that she had the power all along and Dorothy realizes that her heart’s desire was in her own “backyard”. 

You possess more abilities than you may know.

I have unearthed a goldmine within myself through a healthy dose of mindset shifting and I’m telling you, a daily journaling practice has proved one of my most effective tools. And now I want to share that practice and very Practical Magic with you!

About the Course

I’m going to take you on a 21 day journaling adventure, deep into yourself. 

personal development challenge and exercises

Say goodbye to your old self. 

Say hello to a beautiful new you, blossoming with possibility.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  I’ve created a series of journal prompts intuitively designed to guide you on a mission of unlocking your potential and uncovering the powerful you that lives within. Over the course of 21 days, I will email you a daily journal prompt with instructions and tips to get the most out of your transformational experience.

WHAT TO EXPECT?  Within minutes of purchasing and registering for this course you’ll be redirected to the “Welcome to the Course” (Members Page) and be asked to confirm your subscription (via email) so you can receive your very first Practical Magic journal prompt instantly!

WHAT ELSE DO I GET? Waiting for you in the Members Area is a special video outlining the course and letting you in on some of the magic journaling has brought to my life. You will be given the link to our private Facebook group, a safe place to discuss thoughts, feelings and connect with those on a similar journey.

✨? The rest is up to you, Love ?✨

Life-changing transformations happen for those who decide to show up for themselves.  A few minutes a day can make a world of difference!


Forget doing it alone! I’m also including these amazing bonuses for you alongside the course content…

A private Facebook group for connection and support.

You will have access to me through this group. I’ll be hosting live-stream events, answering questions, giving you extra journaling prompts and sharing insight from my own journal.

Daily affirmations

Created specifically to help you channel into each day’s journaling exercise (you’ll find these at the bottom of each day’s email prompts).


I absolutely thrive on helping you create your best life! Here’s what others have to say about being in my energy and working with me:

Odessa is genuine, open, non-judgemental, and a great teacher! She shares her first hand experiences, and how she was able to change her mindset, leading to where she is today.

Odessa strives to help others change their own lives for the better, makes the concepts easy to understand, and attainable for anyone! I find ways each day to incorporate things I have learned from her, and it is very empowering.

Heidi Whipple

Odessa is a wonderful ray of light in the confusing times that we are experiencing.  I ALWAYS look forward to seeing her bright and smiling face alongside her beautiful and inspiring videos, photos, books, content…that she so magically produces.  She has had such a profound influence on me, and I am truly grateful to be able to engage with all of her positivity and light that she brings to everything that she does!  Odessa is truly a blessing in my life!

Nancy Booth

Working with Odessa has helped me look at the bigger picture and overcome so much self doubt.  Her thoughtful exercises and authentic nature helped me clear out old patterns.  So grateful!!!

Jennifer Daniels-Myslak

Hi, I’m Odessa Christiana!

I am a mindset mentor to creative entrepreneurs and others who desire to tap into their greatest potential. I’m also a bestselling author, an artist and a leader in the vacation rental industry.  I’m living my dream life in a one of a kind home I’ve designed in beautiful Palm Springs California.

I’m fifty, I’m fit and I’m passionate about helping others transform their lives because the woman I have become is far from where my story began….

I was raised a little hippie child out in the countryside of the Pacific Northwest. We had no money, no indoor toilet and very little food. I went to work at an early age as I was eager to support myself and obtain some basics (which seemed like luxury items to me at the time) like a modest apartment, a car and the occasional meal out.

For many years I worked long hours at a job I despised to bring home barely enough money to cover my bills. I associated with people who thought this was “normal”–a life of settling for less than your true desires. They’d laugh at me if I was ever brave enough to share a few of my dreams. 

Airbnb Rental Host and VR Expert Odessa Christiana

Thank goodness I had enough belief in myself to think maybe, just maybe one day my dreams would come true…

…that I would be a rich girl. That I’d live in a nice house, wear designer clothes, enjoy spa treatments and dine out whenever I wanted to. That I would find a soulmate partner that really “got” me. That I’d travel to exotic places. That I’d be surrounded by other big dreamers bringing their visions to fruition. That I’d be a successful entrepreneur, known for the amazing work I’m contributing to the world through art, inspiration, writing and speaking. That I would be able to look in the mirror and say, I love you. I’m proud of you.

My dreams have become my reality.  Through the years I have learned how to shift my mindset, transform my life and manifest my desires. I have healed some painful wounds, cast out the negativity and built a foundation on love and spiritual guidance. I still do my soul work daily and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

I have made it my mission to help others awaken their imaginations, move through the beliefs holding them back from living a life they love and to offer the support needed to make the change happen.

Are you ready to transform your life?

*Note:  You are saying yes to a sacred container – a place to explore your possibilities and apply them to your life to truly create a lifelong transformation.


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NOT SURE YET? I know it can be a little scary to say yes to your soul. I’ve been there and I’d like to tell you, investing in myself is the best decision I’ve ever made. Being guided by mentors that once walked in my shoes was exactly what I needed to shift my thinking and begin to realize what I was capable of doing with my life. Are you ready to 

When you invest in yourself, the return is priceless.

I’ll see you inside,

Odessa Christiana


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