A Love Letter To Yourself


Instantly connect with a deeper version of yourself with this powerful printable exercise. Comes in colour (for screens) and black & white (for printing and filling out).


The greatest gift you can give yourself is self love.

That trip to Hawaii, the sporty new convertible, the wine club membership etc...will not bring you true happiness if you’re lacking a healthy relationship with yourself. Maybe harsh but it’s true.

Some years ago, my sister walked in to find me laughing and singing to myself. She later said, “You really are your own best friend aren’t you?”

Her words stuck with me as I came to realize the uncommon bond I had created within myself.

I dug a little deeper and uncovered the elements that led me to this special friendship.

I’ve taken my findings and turned them into a series of thought provoking statements I call, A Love Letter to Self. I created this especially for you, Love.

I know you possess the ability to spark that magical essence inside you. To connect with yourself on a deeper level and utilize that power to live happier every day. 

I’ve infused this letter with massive love and positive energy. I collaborated with an intuitive design artist to create a beautiful PDF template you can both download and print.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks to begin the best relationship of your life!

I can’t wait to hear about the joy this brings you!



Odessa Christiana


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