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Affirmations that will unlock the abundance you’re waiting for  

Do words really hold the power to change your life??

Find out how you can rewire your brain for abundance and unlock your limitless potential with this Million Dollar Mind kit! 


Did your mom ever tell you to go wash your mouth out with soap??

Perhaps we should have understood the power of words from a young age but many of us were not guided to self improvement. 

You may have grown up hearing things like:

“We can’t afford that”

“You’re lucky to have a roof over your head”

“Clean your plate, there’s starving kids in the world”


You see Love, we have been programmed to think negatively without even realizing it.


Our subconscious minds believe whatever we tell them. Our lives and physical bodies are the direct result of the information we are digesting.


I feel you there, struggling with your worthiness, wishing you had more courage, wondering if you’ll ever have the money you desire, the healthy body you’d like or if you could really start your own business.


I’ve been there… and now I’m offering a ROADMAP to help lead you out of the woods and into the riches you know you’re meant for… 

Hi, I’m Odessa Christiana!


It’s crazy to think, once upon a time I was the girl with negative self talk spilling out her mouth, wondering why I couldn’t seem to “get ahead” in life. I so deeply wanted a happier life. I wanted to feel good about myself. I craved a higher end lifestyle. My soul was begging for something greater.

Gradually I began to learn about the power of the mind. About the abilities that are within us.I discovered new tools and started to implement them.

One of my favorites soon became AFFIRMATIONS. They are fun and easy to integrate into your daily life. 

We hold the power to reprogram our brains. Just like feeding your body healthy foods to achieve optimal health, your brain must be fed healthy words. Your subconscious eats up whatever you tell it and your physical reality is the result.

 I’ve achieved so many positive results in my life by changing my words, I wanted to make it really simple for you to benefit too!


Odessa Christiana Mindset Coach

Ready to make the shift?

I created (111) powerful AFFIRMATIONS just for you! These came directly from my soul. I’ve used many  of them to bring forth the beautiful life I live and love today. 

The pages were designed using my colorful original artwork and I’ve infused them with massive love and positive energy. 

My desire to help you succeed goes beyond just the affirmations though, in the video and bonus content I go onto teach you some of the most important ingredients to MANIFESTING as well! 


What’s included in your Million Dollar Mind Kit:

(111) Printable Affirmations

You’ll receive 16 pages of gorgeous printable PDFs filled with all (111) affirmations ready to print, cut out and start integrating into your every day life. 

Video Content

Consider this a “crash course” in how to make your affirmations work for you (spoiler alert: it’s easy, fun and super relatable!).

BONUS! Audible Affirmations!

I’ve recorded a special audio for you! I voiced all (111) affirmations to meditational music for you to enjoy anytime you need a lift! You can say them with me!

Affirmations included. Shift your words - change your life!


Million Dollar Mind (Affirmation Kit)


Upgrade your life instantly (just like I did!) with these 111 printable affirmations. Includes a 16-page PDF with custom artwork and affirmations, 1 easy to print black-and-white PDF (so you can cut out each affirmation and keep them around your house, car and purse).

Really let the magic go to work by listening to the bonus AUDIO FILE which includes spoken word affirmations you can listen to while going to sleep or on the go. Upon purchase you’ll also gain access to a heart-centric exercise we go through together –solidifying your manifestation practices and intent so you can truly TAP INTO that MILLION DOLLAR MIND!


Get ready to create a life you love!


When I’m not mentoring “High Vibe” Rental Property Hosts, creating art in my Gallery or developing new courses deigned to help others tune into their own success stories– you can find me working with bright souls just like yours as a one-on-one coach. 

Here’s what others have to say about being in my energy and working with me:

Working with Odessa has helped me look at the bigger picture and overcome so much self doubt.  Her thoughtful exercises and authentic nature helped me clear out old patterns.  So grateful!!!

Jennifer Daniels-Myslak

Odessa Christiana - Author of No Vacancy

Odessa is genuine, open, non-judgemental, and a great teacher! She shares her first hand experiences, and how she was able to change her mindset, leading to where she is today. Odessa strives to help others change their own lives for the better, makes the concepts easy to understand, and attainable for anyone! I find ways each day to incorporate things I have learned from her, and it is very empowering. 

Heidi Whipple

Realtor (Keller Williams)

Odessa is a wonderful ray of light in the confusing times that we are experiencing.  She has had such a profound influence on me, and I am truly grateful to be able to engage with all of her positivity and light that she brings to everything that she does!  Odessa is truly a blessing in my life!

Nancy Booth

Botanical Designs by Nancee

From the moment we met, I felt her energy, positive attitude, and supportive nature that just wraps around you like a hug. Her seminars develop skills that we do not know we have when we initiate the process. Through her kind but strong support, she brings out the best qualities and all of her students. She is a true connector!

Julie Jefferson

Palm Springs, CA

Psst… don’t forget the magic ingredient!

Every Million Dollar Mind needs some healthy self-love to really fuel your well deserved success.

Check out this fun, light-hearted and seriously transformative “Love Letter to Yourself” exercise to boost your manifestation flow!


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