The Fastest way to Abundance

December 26, 2020

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I woke this morning, the day after Christmas, thinking about people around the world and wondering how full their hearts are today.

Did they get what they wanted for Christmas? Did they enjoy their holiday, however that looked this year? And then my mind hamster wheeled on, like it does, considering how these people feel year round. Do they long for things they do not have? Perhaps it’s more than a physical thing that is missing from their life. Maybe it goes deeper. It may be a desire to love themselves more, even if they don’t fully recognize that particular lack in their life.

Is it possible that YOU are this person I’m thinking of?

Are you plagued with an empty gnawing feeling inside, knowing that you could be doing better in your life? You want more. Whether it’s money, love, health, material things or whatever.

I too have felt this way, many times in my life. I realized that feeling didn’t come from not receiving the diamond necklace or fancy lingerie from my lover on Christmas morning. It came from a place in my soul. A place that I was not paying attention to. A place that desperately needed me to acknowledge the fact that I was not living the way I was meant to.

As I learned to till the soil of my soul, I found gems of purpose, wisdom and knowing. I found a vibrant, happy girl with passion and vision! I found ways to live in a constant feeling of abundance.

There’s much I can share with you about transforming your state of being and changing your life however today there is one major thing on my heart that I know will shift you quickly into a feeling of abundance and that is GIVING.

Now, you might say – but Odessa, I’m broke! I can’t afford to give. (If this is you, we desperately need to rewrite your lines by the way)
Let me simply say, there is a lot of value you can give to others for FREE!

Here is a list of ideas that downloaded to my brain this morning:

  • Cook for someone: a homemade meal, pot of soup or chili could mean the world to someone right now
  • Call a friend & ask if you can help them with anything
  • Write a great review: a book you read on Kindle, an Amazon product you enjoyed or a local business you think highly of – your humble words of kindness go further here than you may think
  • Clean out your closet: it’s so freeing to have organization in your life and how many sweaters do you really need anyway?
  • Gather up extra blankets & linens: donate to your local homeless shelter or animal rescue
  • Go through the cupboards: there’s likely stuff in there you could use to eliminate from your diet-box up that pasta, cup o noodles, canned food & give to a local food drive
  • Do you have a neighbor in need? Can you mow or weed for them? Wash their car? Run an errand?
  • Is there something you do really well that you could help someone with? Tutoring children via Zoom? Teaching pottery, dance, music? Doing some writing, accounting or teaching a foreign language? (side note; if you have a fantastic skill and lack money – we should be addressing that too.)
  • Walking dogs and/or pet sitting for busy friends
  • Creating some homemade gifts to give away: maybe you knit, crochet or make jewelry – these are amazing tokens of appreciation
  • The easiest of all but sometimes a challenge for us: tell someone how much they mean to you. You could call or write a letter. It may seem a small gesture to give but take a moment to think about how wonderful it feels when a friend tells you how special you are.

This list of mine is sure to get your own free giving ideas flowing.

When we put kindness and generosity out into the world, we create a ripple effect. You’ll never know how many people you will truly affect by one random act of kindness and compassion. The person you will be well aware of, is of course, YOU. By giving freely, genuinely, your time, your things, your talents and abilities, you will stimulate abundance in your own life. An abundance of self worth, joy and positive energy. Once you tap into this energy, you will begin to realize the magic that exists in you. And this my friend is better than any diamond necklace.

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