The Magic of Now!

January 07, 2021

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I want it ALL and I want it NOW!!! Is this you?

When people say, “enjoy the journey”, do you have the urge to vomit and tell them yeah sure, right, thanks. How about “patience is a virtue”?? Yep, same. I get it! I mean I REALLY get it.

I want the results right now! Screw the journey, give me the prize! I want the multimillion-dollar bank account. I want the customized pink, black and gold yacht, I want the real estate portfolio of exceptional properties, I want the private jet service, I want the cover of Entrepreneur magazine. These are real things that I will have.

So here you are. It is January 2021 and you are finally summoning up the courage to start something new. Perhaps it’s a business, a money goal, a fitness or weight loss plan. Maybe you simply want a way to pay the rent every month without a struggle!
I know that mixed sense of excitement and fear and I know it well. You are staring at that starting line wondering if you can pull this off, if you have what it takes. The finish line seems like a million miles away and you’re not even quite sure how to get there!

Let’s talk about the space between. The journey. The daily NOW that you will find yourself in.

I can’t say I’ve enjoyed every day of my pursuits but stepping back as an observer of my life. I can see the transformations that occurred while doing the work. This is where the magic happens.

If I hadn’t gone through all that I’ve been through the last few years, or lifetime for that matter, I wouldn’t have the stories to share. I wouldn’t have the knowledge or wisdom to share. I wouldn’t have the relatability that I possess. You wouldn’t be interested in anything I have to tell you.

I’ve become grateful for the struggles. For the times I only had 20 bucks to buy food for the week. Even though that seriously sucked on many levels, and I could list MANY situations that super sucked at the time, but they are ALL fuel for me now. They have gifted me with an incredible drive.
They have given me the ability to tell you that you can be a success no matter your past and mean it with every ounce of my being because I’ve been in the trenches – I’ve worked a job I hated, been bullied, sexually harassed and downright miserable. I’ve been a smoker, done drugs, abused alcohol. I’ve had body issues, been overweight, underweight, felt ugly and unworthy. I’ve felt stupid, ridiculous, shy, uncoordinated and about every crappy feeling one could have about themselves.

WOW! I’m not sure I meant to write all these things in this blog post but they’re coming out so I’m thinking you need to hear it. Have you felt any of these things, too? I’m sure you have! Our ego voice likes to dish us lies.

When you look at my life today, you may think I have “arrived”. Nope, not even. I absolutely live a beautiful life today. This life of mine didn’t just poof into existence…I have worked hard to create it…and I am only getting started. The thing is, that finish line changes as you go along on your journey.

You realize that while you may reach certain goal posts along the way, and some of them are quite worth celebrating, you don’t necessarily “arrive”. If you are truly doing the work on yourself – meaning your mindset and belief work – you will continue to change and grow to the point where you barely recognize your old self. You may remember that initial starting line and I hope you do because it’s damn cool to see how far you’ve come!

I highly suggest you document where you are today – write it down, speak it into your voice memos or better yet, do both. Have a record of when you made the decision to up level your life. You will thank me one day.

So back to that “space between”. It’s really your daily life right now.
If you’re not loving where you are, then saddle up that pain and frustration. Turn your struggles and challenges into rocket fuel to blast your butt into action.

Respect the lessons. Trust the timing.

When I wrote the outline to my book, No Vacancy, in mid-2018, I first planned to finish and self-publish within a couple months. I was led down a different path. One which introduced me to the life coaching world and some incredible mentors. It ended up taking me almost two years to publish from start to finish but I learned more along the way then some do in a lifetime.
Was I frustrated at times? Oh, HELL YES! Am I grateful for the time spent now? You better believe I am.
I’m not saying you have to take years to fulfill your vision and goals. Just be prepared to listen to those internal nudges and respond accordingly – I’ll definitely create a whole post on that itself!

Keep reminding yourself that there is magic in the NOW.

You are creating it daily as you learn the new practices, techniques and shift your life. If you’re starting from a stressful place, know that your situation will improve. You have DECIDED to take action and that in itself is a HUGE step forward! Keep going!

Do you have any idea what kind of inspiration you could be to another? There are thousands of people out there that need you to succeed and tell your story. Maybe that’s not your thing, but perhaps it will be.
I personally have become grateful for my stories. They’re both happy and sad, weird, wild and never very mild (had to – haha) but they are mine and when I tell them, others realize the power to change is available to them as well.

And besides, I will never be a boring millionaire.

My stories will inspire and entertain as I host the world’s thought leaders on my sleek pink yacht, the Imagination Queen.
Next time you hear “enjoy the journey” perhaps you’ll smile gleefully to yourself because you have reframed that into “the magic of now”.
I can’t wait to hear about your dreams, your adventures, transformations and success! Cheers to new beginnings and all the magic to come!

Cheers & Smiles!

Odessa Christiana


Odessa Christiana - Author of No Vacancy

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I see you there dreaming of a better life, one where you get to do exactly as you wish every single day! Where health, wealth and happiness come easily to you.

Not long ago, I was there…wishing and wanting. Then I was reminded of my superpower – my imagination. I made a decision to trust and believe in myself. I haven’t looked back since.  Today I’m a mindstylist extraordinaire and the vacation rental queen!

I’m looking to guide those of you who are willing to trash your excuses and take the driver’s seat of your life!

I believe life is a playground filled with wondrous delights we should all enjoy. Let’s get rich, healthy and happy together! Let’s make it the “new normal”! I’d love to have you in my community of magic makers! 

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