The World Needs You Wealthy!

January 14, 2021

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Are you afraid or embarrassed to just come out and say, “I want to be rich?”

Why is that anyway? Why do so many of us hold back from stating what we desire? Is it the fear of being laughed at or not taken seriously, or perhaps actually having to take action and move on what you said you’d do ?

Whatever it is, I get it and I had been there wayyy too long!! Not anymore baby! This girl finally stepped up into her power and she’s not afraid to tell herself and the world that she is building a multi-million-dollar empire! Is having money itself cool? Sure, but my passion lies in WHAT the money can do!

I am continually amazed at how many people still shy away from thinking or talking about having massive wealth. It’s like they are afraid it’s going to turn them evil or something. Or that they’re being greedy .
If I put up a post on my social platform asking people what they would do with X amount, it is so surprising to me how many still deny themselves the pleasure of even dreaming about how money could positively affect their life, let alone their loved ones.

People , money is not bad, you are NOT greedy to desire oodles of it. It’s there to be enjoyed and spread around. It’s a beautiful and useful tool. It’s energy. It is plentiful. You may just need to change your beliefs around it.

I was raised in a family where money was always scarce. My grandparents had been through the Depression and still had that mentality even in the 1970s when I was a child. They had instilled those scarcity beliefs into my mother’s mind, and I remember hearing things in the background of my young life such as, “oh that’s too rich for my blood”, or “struggling to make ends meet”. I actually thought at one point that “ends meet” was something my mom might cook for dinner…it still doesn’t appeal much to me today.

In my mid-20s, I picked up a magazine one day called the Robb Report. It’s a luxury lifestyle publication, featuring the world’s finest cars, jets, yachts and more. There was a real estate section listing a few private islands! OMG! I could hardly believe my eyes!
Note – this was prior to surfing the net…where everything imaginable is searchable with a click or two.

From that day on, my young mind was fixated in living that luxury lifestyle. I didn’t know how, but I figured if it was available for some people then it should be available to me! How smart I was at that tender age to already have the beginning of a powerful mindset!

Unfortunately, I had no one in my friends and family circle that could come close to sharing my desires. For many years I struggled with knowing that I deserved an incredible life, but I was continually brought “back to reality” by my peer group.
Today I am creating my own reality and it’s a wealthy one. I have surrounded myself with multimillionaire mentors. Good people doing great things with their wealth.

You might still be of the mindset that money cannot buy happiness. I want you to play a little game with me for a minute and just imagine these things are available to you:

  • All your bills are paid early and in full every month.
  • There is always plenty of money left over after the bills are paid.
  • If an appliance or vehicle breaks down or you receive an extra medical bill, it’s never a stressful issue because you have a hefty savings account for these things.
  • You pick out whatever you want at the grocery store, you don’t think twice about choosing the fancy stuff or shopping the higher end market.
  • You dine out at the restaurant you really want to visit, and you order whatever sounds delicious. You no longer choose between the house wine or the expensive cabernet you would love to try.
  • When holidays and birthdays roll around, you don’t have to budget a little bit for each child, relative or friend – you purchase what you desire to give them.
  • While house, apartment and car shopping, you no longer need to be “realistic”, you can choose what you like. If the closet isn’t big enough, you have it remodeled. If you love the fancier wheels, you get them.
  • You no longer hang onto socks and panties full of holes! You replace them. You buy the expensive lingerie too!
  • If you have a friend or family member struggling to pay their bills, you Venmo them a few hundred bucks – no strings attached.
  • You have money set aside for your children’s future, for your own care later in life.
  • You can hire a private nurse for aging relatives to keep them comfortable in their home.
  • That family vacation to Hawaii doesn’t need to be a once in a lifetime event, you can travel to where you’d like in the world and you can stay at the best hotels and vacation rentals.
  • You can hire professionals to help you with your home, your business, your life – you no longer need to do the things that you dislike.
  • You freely donate to your favorite causes and charities or maybe start one of your own.

Are you still with me or have you gone off to create your new reality too? Do you see what a beautiful flow of energy money can be? It can start a ripple effect of ease, worthiness, gratitude, abundance, and generosity that spreads across the world.

That my friend, is why the world needs you to be wealthy.

Now I hear you saying, but Odessa how in the heck am I to build this wealth when I’m working a job that barely supports me? Or unemployed? Or a struggling artist? Or whatever the crappy situation may be.
I recognize it may feel like a long shot to get from here to there. But, if you are willing to open your mind to the possibility, you are limitless.

Here are a few first steps to creating wealth:

Decide that you can and will be wealthy:

Depending on where you are starting, this may seem out of reach for you. Start with a vision that seems possible for you. Be gentle with your growth. This isn’t a race. You will likely need to rewrite your entire belief system. I sure did, as I mentioned before, I was raised with a broke thinking mentality.

Put your desires in writing:

Grab a pen and paper. Find a comfortable, distraction free zone and write down everything you would like to have. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it sounds. You are not saying this to your Aunt Marge, this is for you! Be honest about your truest desires in this life!

Feed your mind daily:

This is where the magic will start to happen. You must retrain your mind to think wealthy thoughts. There is a plentitude of inspiring information available to us today. Order up some books on positive thinking, look for podcasts on manifesting and mindset. Find a mentor or a coach that you resonate with and eat up their free content. If you have a bit of extra money, invest in a course. I highly recommend the practice of journaling every single day. It gives you the opportunity to dump your thoughts out on paper, free your mind and start to develop some ideas!

Protect your energy:

Cut as much negativity from your life as possible. This may include friends and family. As much as you love them, you might need to tune out their input while you strengthen your mindset. Allow yourself to say no to activities that you don’t feel good about. If the Joneses you have dinner with on Friday night are negative assholes, stop hanging out with them. Are they paying your bills and taking care of your family? I didn’t think so!

These may sound like simplistic steps to creating wealth but trust me, when you really implement these things into your days, your life will start to change. New possibilities will be presented to you and doors will open that you never knew existed.
Welcome to your new chapter!!

I’d love to hear how this helps you. For more support and inspiration, I invite you to join my private Facebook community, The Imaginarium for Dreampreneurs.

Cheers to health & wealth!
Odessa Christiana


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