Why you need to write a love letter to yourself!

February 14, 2021

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If you don’t know why you need to write a love letter to yourself, then it’s high time you start giving yourself more love!

Some years ago, my sister and I were roommates for awhile. One day she walked into my room to find me joyfully singing and amusing myself with some sort of project. She said to me, “you really are your own best friend, aren’t you?” I hadn’t truly realized the fact until she pointed it out.
I suppose I have always liked my own company but I had not given a lot of thought to “self love” until more recent years. Today, with people tossing the term around loosely, I wonder how many are actually tuned into themselves.

As I’ve moved deeper into the business of being a mindset mentor, I have realized how many humans are blind to their own potential. They are walking around in a foggy haze, unaware of the switch they could flick to turn their lightbulb on! I see them busy doing so much for others that they leave themselves in a tired out mess.

I can honestly relate to this, as I fell into that same trap for many years. I worked a thankless job which paid me very little and sucked my soul out daily. I ran around saying yes to people that did not deserve my time and attention. I hung out with people who’s idea of a good time was talking shit about others and getting wasted on the weekends. I thought it was “normal” and “necessary” to put others’ needs before my own, whether it was family, friends or coworkers.

I was a yes girl to everyone but myself.

I see you reading this and saying, holy shit! That is me!

Precious human, it’s time to put yourself first!
I recognize that most of us grew up being told we were selfish if we put our needs first. Many of us feel guilt surrounding self indulgence and pleasure.

Let’s dig deeper here…how can you truly be of service to others if you are sad, mad, worn out and unhappy? It doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

I believe we can and should, rewrite this belief.

There is a popular saying that you cannot pour from an empty cup.
Simple but oh so true.

What do YOU need to fill your cup?

  • Perhaps some alone time?
  • A long walk
  • A candlelit bubble bath
  • A massage
  • A nap
  • A good read
  • A few hours of Netflix
  • Buying the organic produce you want
  • High end skin care & supplements

These are all wonderful things we should never deny ourselves the joy of having.

How about something even more life changing?

What about actually DOING the thing in life that lights you up? Choosing the career or starting the business that’s been blooming in your imagination.

Do you even know what your passion is or has it been trapped under layers of being that people pleaser?

May I remind you, we have one life here on this Earth and if you are not taking the driver’s seat of yours, who is?

Let’s let go of the idea that choosing ourselves is selfish behavior. When we tend to our needs, we fill our cups. When we say yes to our soul’s desires, we elevate into a state of overflow.
From that point, we have plenty to give. We can easily pour energy into others and when we do it from this place of abundance, it feeds us even more.

So back to the reason I believe you need to write a love letter to yourself…

It’s a powerful first step in choosing to fill your cup. It’s a statement to yourself that you are important. That you are worthy of love and respect.

I know you may not have a clue where to start, so I created you a template. I dug into my own heart and soul, asking how I learned to appreciate myself and be my own best friend. How I am able to maintain a sense of happiness daily no matter what may be going on in the world.

I literally lay out the thoughts and statements you need to mine your inner wisdom, belief and love. Consider it a guide to activate your truest self. A tool to begin a beautiful transformation.

I collaborated with a very cool intuitive design artist to bring you this Special Edition love letter. It’s powerfully infused with high vibrations, healing energy and massive love.

You’ll find it on the homepage of my site HERE. Just scroll down and you’ll see it.

I believe in you.
I know that YOU are the magic formula!

Much love,

Odessa Christiana


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Have you ever written a love letter to yourself?
It’s a special kind of magic everyone should experience! I collaborated with Intuitive Design Artist, Moriah Rochelle, to bring you a gorgeous “Love Letter To Self” template. It’s infused with love, compassion and all the prompts you need to bring forth your self love.

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